Friday, February 25, 2011

Look for ways to weaning with love

Aqila will be  2 years old in 3 months, insha allah. This is an exciting moment for me, touching my heart but also sad. I dont know how to express my heart with any words.
Actually this is the moment that I looked forward to, after nearly two years of nursing aqila, sometimes i feel tired, bored, and really want to be free.  *so sorry to say that :D
But behind the sense of it all, I was given an extraordinary gift from God,
what does not, I could and managed to provide breast milk for my little girl.
Aqila got his right of breast milk exclusively during the first 6 months of her life.
hmmm.. alhamdulillah..
Passing through the initial difficult period when breastfeeding,
At that time,
Aqila adapt to drink  breast milk and I tried to give it.
The milk that comes out not so much but which I feel is how my breasts swell and my body was feverish because of swelling.
It was a painful moment. Surelly!
I was just crying and holding this incredible pain.
Moreover, the fact that I got is a high aqila bilirubbin. Dangg!!! :,(

It took time for me to be strong to face it all. And it took time for us to get out from the hospital..
I believe in myself, definitely get through it all with the best. Alhamdulillah, thanks allah, we can get through it all. :)

Aqila and I started to enjoy all this..
When aqila's sick, I'm trying desperately to give breast milk more frequently, 
is not easy, i think..
sometimes, she bit my nipple. oh my God! speechless
at other times, she didn't just drink but (hmm,what's the phrase?) only hanging in my breast.. hahaha
but, i kept try to give it for my little pampered princess.. *kiss*

                                        *(Anyone know that breast milk is the best)*

day after day, i enjoy it all..... until today :)
ah, time flies so fast...

guys, wish me luck to weaning with love..
because, until this day, she didn't want to wean...
i wish, we can pass it. we can do it. we can found the ways to weaning with love.

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